Quality cleaning and janitorial supplies are essential for of any catering establishment to help professional kitchens keep food as safe as possible. Whether your venue requires new kitchen or washroom appliances, pest control equipment or waste bins, our fantastic range of professional cleaning and janitorial supplies has a wide variety of commercial cleaning products to suit your needs. We also offer an extensive range of colour coded cleaning equipment such as spray bottles, mops, buckets and brooms in addition to cleaning consumables such as washroom fragrances, pan and grill scourers and general-purpose cleaning sponges.
Code: PLBC0013B
Code: PLBC3316B
Code: PLBC3316G
Code: PLBT002W
Code: PLBT005B
Code: PLBT005G
Code: PLBT005W
Code: PLBT007B
Code: PLBT007G
Code: PLBT007W
Code: PLBTC001B
Code: PLBTC001G
Code: PLBTC001W
Code: PLBTC002W
Code: PLCB4140
Code: PLCB4140B
Code: SLFDS310
Code: SLFDS385
Code: SLFDS510
Code: PLBC4019B
Code: PLBC4019G
Code: PLBC0012B