Hot Stuff - Protecting Your Establishment From Fire

Fire protection & prevention tips for your business

Protecting your establishment from fire damage is a hot topic at the moment if you will pardon our pun. Unfortunately, this is no laughing matter. Recently, fire outbreaks in Cameron House & Grenfell Tower resulted in tragic loss of life while also highlighting the need for fire safety to be firmly in place in your establishment.

Why does it matter?

As we work closely with the catering & hospitality industries, we know that fire is most certainly both our friend and foe. It is easy to become complacent, and many chefs know this all too well. With a roast and a toast, we boldly boast of our professional cooking skills, admire our latest culinary creation and praise our talented peers all while forgetting the dangers that a stray spark or flame can cause.

Unfortunately, it is a tragedy that brings warnings to mind and results in a renewal of regulations as well as safety procedures. Catching up with other employment regulations, since 2005 fire risk assessment has been the responsibility of hotels. This means that the responsible person must ensure that a sufficient fire safety assessment is carried out on the establishment by a qualified professional.

So when selecting somebody to conduct the assessment, you should always look for a base level of competence such as a level 4 qualification in fire safety.

What can you do?

To protect your establishment, we have a few tips to help. Aside from the obvious one of getting an independent third party qualified assessor to inspect your establishment, you should always ensure that the whole building is inspected not just any areas you may own or maintain.

  • Check all fire doors are in good working order & remain free of blockages

  • Ensure that compartments are not compromised by sloppy workmanship when approving new work to your building such as installing air conditioning units.

  • Make certain all appliances, electric sockets & equipment are thoroughly checked for faults regularly.

  • Designate a smoking area clear of debris and distanced from flammable material

  • Conduct fire safety training drills regularly with your employees and make certain everyone knows what to do.

  • Install fire extinguishers at regular intervals & ensure employees are trained to use them correctly

There are many other things you can do to protect your establishment. Consult with your local fire hazard & awareness officer to discuss what you can do.​​​​​